To educate and empower assault survivors and create positive impact in rape and sexual violence culture around the world. As home to the sexually abused, The McKenzi Institute is both the safe haven and reclamation process for creating true power and extraordinary bliss after abuse. 

the mission

healing does not have to be hard

as the foundation of all we do

personal integrity

No. 1

the mode of OPERATION 

you are your greatest gift

No. 2

true love

No. 3


courage is contagious 

No. 4

brave hearts

because you always have a choice

No. 5

open minds

She is a passionate believer. A believer in the power of humankind, the infinite possibilities of love, and is devoted to helping women around the world heal from the isolating pain of sexual abuse. Her masterful wisdom and timeless methods were born not because she wanted a coaching practice, but because her life depended on it. Her promise to you is one of love, support, and radical transformation. 

Meet Coco

This 4-lb ball of joy's greatest love is to "help the girls." She and Coco make the perfect pair and will forever be creating pure magic, belly laughs and deep heart connections.

Meet Luna

Healing does not have to be hard.

Are you ready to live your best life?

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