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The Fresh Start Program is an immersive digital course that brings my e-guide 'Fresh' to life by guiding you through each practice with videos, lectures, audios, and downloadable worksheets. 

Through the program I will walk you through 3 keys phases to healing - the logistics, personal healing and sexual healing. By the time you finish, you will feel more alive, safe, sexual and powerful. 

Take this course and...
       release feelings of fear, stress and overwhelm
       feel more like yourself again
       Increase you power, pleasure and passion for life
       strengthen your relationships
       understand the legal system and how to navigate it

Take this course and...

release feelings of fear, stress and overwhelm

feel more like yourself again

Increase you power, pleasure and passion for life

strengthen your relationships

understand the legal system and how to navigate it

Healing does not have to be hard.

This best selling program provides the essential tools for living your greatest life after sexual assault. 

transformation starts now

This 3-part program thoughtfully leads you through the 24 practices in the e-guide 'Fresh', bringing the most healing in the simplest of ways.

Feel lighter, happier and more confident as you create your best life after abuse. The Fresh Start program provides countless ready-to-go resources and the healing support you have been looking for.

The fresh start

healing made simple

Here we will prepare you energetically, mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead with trainings, tools, and next-steps on how to navigate with the legal system. You’ll clear mental roadblocks, reframe experiences, and feel the clarity as we move towards the next phases in personal and sexual healing.

part 1

laying the ground work

progrAM breakdown

After having completed the first steps with taking action, Part 2 of the program is dedicated to uncovering your most powerful, loving, creative, and compassionate self. As you apply the techniques and begin to strengthen the loving qualities within, you'll see how you're truly on the path to personal empowerment and least resistance. 

part 2

personal healing

part 3

sexual healing

In the final sessions, you will be empowering yourself to be the very best version of you - free of fear, old patters, and uncertainty and actively building your dream sex life. With my guidance, you will feel lighter, happier, more alive than you ever have before. 

11 videos, 10 guided audios, 6 workbooks

healing practices

exclusive content

masterful guidance

what you get

With over 20 recordings, leading you through each healing practice

Providing the essential tools for your highest healing 

That anyone can do... Including in-depth workbooks, video trainings, and masterclass recordings

The McKenzi Institute didn't start out as a business; it started because my own life depended on it. Battling with depression, night terrors, low energy and trust issues... I had tried every possible solution, and when nothing worked, I turned my life upside down and traveled the world searching for the true healing methods used in this program. I, and hundreds of other survivors, use this program to reset our lives and get back to feeling like our best selves again.

Fresh gives you the foundational tools you need to make the same transformation in your own life as I did in mine. To release old pain and reclaim your life so you can experience true power and extraordinary bliss.

With love, 
Coco McKenzi

a note from the founder

Why she created The Fresh Start Program

the healing you want without the sacrifices 

1. Lectures clearly explaining each practice for full impact

2. Roadmaps to releasing everything that holds you back and getting past fear

3. Tools to changing your relationship to your body and getting the pleasure you want

4. The McKenzi Institute framework to overcoming fear 

5. Skills to get out of your head and into your body during sex

what you get

sex expert, layla martin

The McKenzi Institute has created phenomenal personal empowerment programs of deep healing, safety, and transformation developed through Coco's own personal path of healing from trauma and top modern science.

survivor, ann

The McKenzi Institute was the answer to my prayers. More than every other therapy practice I have done, Coco's work gave me the tools I needed.

therapist, jessica

The McKenzi Institute saw me through the most profound transformation of my life. It helped me embrace the fullness of who I am, access my sacred sexuality and understand my brilliance.

survivor, shelley

I am off anti-depressants, believe in myself, and have found true joy. The McKenzi Institute was the key I had searched 37 years to find.

1. heightened sense of self
3. IMPROVED relationships
4. FEWER flashbacks
5. clear conflict resolution skills
6. REDUCED depression
7. LESS numbness
9. Heightened orgasms



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