Jul 31

Get Out Of Your Head In Sex

Ever gotten into a mental battle with yourself during sex? 

“Stop overthinking and just relax”

“Let go – you don’t have to worry about it”

“He won’t think I’m sexy if I do that” 

We all know the anxiety-inducing moments during sex – and even more so if you’re naturally shy or just an over-thinking in general. 

Sex is raw. It’s real. It hits on the depths of our pleasure and our primal – meaning it takes us far beyond the poised Instagram positions and facial expressions. 

So how do I get over my nerves and in the passion of the moment? 

Here are a few fun things to try to bridge the gap between overthinking and orgasming!

  1. Bang it out Blindfolded

Does being watched in bed make you nervous? You’re not the only one.

If being watched for any reason makes you feel even the tiniest bit skittish – Put a blindfold on your partner–and bang it out!

Doing this magically puts you in the driver seat and gives you the confidence to move and express yourself exactly how you please! 

2. Make It Loud

Everyone has their day – if it’s not yours or your head is extra chatty – put on a sexy playlist and make it loud! Using music helps for a few different reasons.

1. It gives your mind something else to attach to and makes everything seem a little more epic. 2. It allows you to use your voice which instantly changes the whole experience. You can scream, moan, grunt, sing, and laugh. This is a personal favorite of mine – give it a try and see what happens when the sound of the music + your own sounds gets you out of your head and into your pleasure.  

3. Breathe baby breath

Our breath acts as the direct pathway to pleasure town if used correctly. When you breathe in and out of your mouth, without pausing at the bottom or top of the in/exhales it takes down the chatty Cathy in your head and turns on the pleasure centers. 

Try these magical little tricks this week and see what works best for you!

Remember that your pleasure is your power. Play and have fun this week!!

Please feel free to share as much detail as you feel comfortable with. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough in their life. We are all on this journey together.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below and practice kindness. We are all in this journey together and it takes great courage to share your story. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

I am honored you are here. Thank you so much for watching,

sharing, and inspiring our community with your experiences and wisdom. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

With love,  


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