Jul 17

Get The Love You Want

How do you get the love you want?

Well… It starts with you.

Be the love you are looking for.

If you have the desire – if you can think of it – then it is yours. You are the creator of that desire and so you have to own that, BE that and then you will see it show up in your life.

A key contributor to why you get what you want in life or not get what you want in life – is about the signals you are sending.

Research studies have proven that wishful thinking is not enough – which most of you don’t need me to tell you that.


What works in creating the love you want, is having your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions in agreement with your end goal.

First – know what you want.

Second – examine your thoughts and beliefs about having this goal. Do you believe you deserve it? Do you even think it’s possible for you?

It is crucial that you examine all the thoughts you have about achieving your goal, and creating true love because your thoughts directly influence our choices.

If you feel unworthy, sad, or fearful about getting what you want – then those mixed signals will crash into each other like tornado winds and cause both destruction and unfulfillment.


When you think about creating the love you want – feel the positive emotions having that love will bring you. 

You want a relationship because you want to feel love, share intimacy, build a life with someone and enjoy every experience with them. So – FEEL those emotions… almost like when you were a kid and you played make-believe.

This is such a beautiful practice that as adults we forget the power of.

When you make yourself believe it – and feel the goodness you would as if it were true in earthly reality – it’s only a matter of time before your make-believe play becomes real life.

So when you think of the love you want – Feel the as sensations in your body – feel them with gratitude and faith. 

When you do this consciously and consistently – you will begin to notice how opportunities closer and closer to your ultimate goal begin to present themselves and you get what you want in life. 

Please feel free to share as much detail as you feel comfortable with. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough in their life. We are all on this journey together.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below and practice kindness. We are all in this journey together and it takes great courage to share your story. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

I am honored you are here. Thank you so much for watching,

sharing, and inspiring our community with your experiences and wisdom. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

With love,  


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