To educate, empower, and create a positive impact around the world. As home to the self-motivated believer, The McKenzi Institute is both the safe haven and ultimate transformational process for creating true power and extraordinary bliss at any stage of your life.

The Institute is built on integrity, bravery, and true love - and it here, that you will go from confusion and suffering to radical joy and pure fulfillment.

Join us in creating a better world - change starts with you.

the mission

healing does not have to be hard

as the foundation of all we do

personal integrity

No. 1

the mode of OPERATION 

you are your greatest gift

No. 2

true love

No. 3


courage is contagious 

No. 4

brave hearts

because you always have a choice

No. 5

open minds

She is a passionate believer. A believer in the power of humankind, the infinite possibilities of love, and is devoted to helping people heal.

Her masterful guidance and timeless methods were born not because she wanted a coaching practice, but because her life depended on it. 

Sitting on the floor of an empty apartment, she realized that she checked every statistic:
    raised on government assistance
    father in jail
    newly divorced
    in debt
    and alone... 

She had one choice - Do or Die.

Meet Coco

With her clothes in black trash bags, t-shirts as pillows and no mattress to support her, she committed to never being this desperate again. That morning was the beginning of her journey towards success and happiness. 

3 months later, Coco was raped. 

Though she once thought her eviction was rock bottom, turns out it was a penthouse view compared to the  depression, pain, and loss she crawled through for the next 4.5 years. 

Battling with night terrors, no energy and massive trust issues... she had tried every possible solution, and when nothing worked, the fires of desperation went to an all time high. 

Turning her life upside down, Coco searched for the transformation now taught in both her in-person and online trainings.

Coco, and hundreds of others, use these tools to reset their lives and make their dreams, their realities.

The McKenzi Institute gives you the foundational tools for life-time results, no matter what you've gone through. Release old pains and reclaim your life, so you can experience the true power and extra ordinary bliss you were always meant to have.

The world needs your unique gifts, and Coco is fiercely devoted to helping you get them!

This 4-lb ball of joy's greatest love is to "help the kids." She and Coco make the perfect pair and will forever be creating pure magic, belly laughs and deep heart connections. Luna's main mission is to share love with the world. 

Meet Luna

Healing does not have to be hard.

Are you ready to live your best life?

Change starts with you.