sex expert, layla martin

The McKenzi Institute has created phenomenal personal empowerment programs of deep healing, safety and transformation developed through Coco's personal path of healing from trauma and modern science.

sex therapist, Jessica

The McKenzi Institute saw me through the most profound transformation 
of my life. It has helped me embrace the fullness of who I am, access my sacred sexuality and understand my brilliance.

survivor, shelley

I am off anti-depressants, believe in myself, and have found true joy.

Coco's work was the key I had searched 37 years to find.

assault survivor, ANalise

The McKenzi Institute balances heart-centered care and a wealth of knowledge that is remarkably rare. Working with Coco will bring you radicle changes you want.

Md, palomi

Working with The McKenzi Institute shifted my life into new possibilities. I highly recommend this priceless gift.

Survivor, amy

I have never found a healing method so multidimensional and empowering.I left knowing who I was and how to get what I wanted most.

therapist, Veronica

The McKenzi Institute carries a powerful capacity to help you transform disruptive patterns and achieve the breakthroughs you have been searching for.

survivor, zoe

The Mckenzi Method helped me unwind years of trauma. Since the program, my fear, pain, and sadness have healed. Coco's intuition makes me an unbeatable healer. 

survivor, mea

The McKenzi Institute was the answer to my prayers. 
More than every other therapy practice I have done, this work gave me the tools I needed.

survivor, shelby

Coco is a gifted healer, guide and coach with an astonishing capacity to usher in breakthroughs and heal the deepest of trauma. Her discernment and love are undeniable."

survivor, brittany

I healed wounds I did not even know I had. Because of Awaken, I am more powerful, healed from sexual wounding, and able to stay present in my body.



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