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If you are tired of making the same mistakes and having the past repeat itself - then you are about to hear the most life-changing message. If you are ready to fall in love, be respected for who you are, and finally be  happy no matter what happens, then welcome to The Unlock Your Life Experience.

My name is Coco Mckenzi, and I have spent the past 8 years studying personal transformation. Not because I wanted a business - but because my own life depended on it. 

Through my own journey and working with countless others, I have uncovered the root of all fear and what keeps us from having what we really want in life...

The Unlock Your Life Experience has two key parts and at completion, works perfectly to create the life you have always wanted but thought may not be possible. 

So, if you have a dream... join me in the adventure of a lifetime and together we will turn your dream into a beautiful reality.

tear off the shackles, release the pain and live a life you love

is 50% letting go + 50% reclaiming + 100% what you believe

making your dream life your real life is 

Unlock Your Life is a 48 hour personal retreat followed by 3 months of personalized, hyper focused coaching; designed to help you gain the confidence and skills needed to live your highest purpose, experience true joy and get everything you have ever wanted.

Through the comprehensive methodology, Unlock Your Life teaches you everything you need to overcome obstacles and be the best version of You. 

The Unlock Your Life approach has two key parts and at the completion, works perfectly to create the life you have always wanted to have but thought may not be possible. 

introducing the Unlock Your Life Experience

Take this course and...
       Enhance your clarity and sense of self
       Release old wounds and behaviors that keep you stuck
       Increase you power, pleasure and passion for life

here's how it works

Beginning with a 48-hour personal retreat where the limiting beliefs and negative patterns developed subconsciously are identified and released through a uniquely powerful blend of therapies; equipping you with tools to create a life of peace, power, and love. think of this as a gentle open-heart surgery where you remove the dis-ease and replace it with brand new, fully equipped, and healthy beliefs. 

The personal retreat

an immersive healing experience

Through twelve 1.5 hour laser focused calls, we will solidify the transformation and reach your goals.  After becoming consciously disconnected from the negativity in Part 1, true emotional, intellectual, and physical transformation is now accessible. With a customized blueprint of your deepest desires & personal aspirations, we will transform the blockages into limitless potential. Coaching sessions are dedicated to cultivating new mindsets, beliefs, and actions that produce immediate life-long results. Through proven techniques, you'll experience your truest self and never feel lost, hopeless and alone again.

the coaching journey

3 month integration process

the experience at a glance

Unlock Your Life is an immersive experience that gives you the confidence and practical tools to live passionately, confidently, and joyously immediately.   

The personal retreat + 12 coaching calls offer a unique blend of in-depth therapeutic practices and powerful daily  resources that get you into action and create the massive transformation you are looking for. 

The coaching calls are done over video so you can be anywhere in the world and continue sharing in the intimate energy of the personal retreat from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll also have lifetime access to the course, so you can return to the material anytime let things continue to seep in more and more. Plus, as new content is added it will be immediately uploaded to your account. This way, you have the freshest content for life.

Gain the confidence to actually do what you’ve been dreaming of. With Unlock Your Life you will become unapologetic about accepting your divine purpose — and living a life you love.

Ready-to-use tools to help you release your blocks to happiness, security and a clear sense of direction. Through your personalized road map we will use life examples of how to put these lessons into practice.

I was given language and understanding around the primal emotions I had and was able to logically and practically process them and have the strength to take the right course of action. Coco was there with me every step of the way, it was a selfless and unconditional support that was an empowering & affirming outlet. I highly recommend working with Coco no matter what stage of your healing process you are in, Coco brings peace and clarity.

"Working with Coco not only gave me back my power, but it helped me make sense of what I was going through."


Coco helped me unwind years of trauma and old conditioning that had manifested in my tissue. Since working with her my chronic pain has drastically lessened. The moment she touched my body, I felt new, healthy energy flowing through my veins. Her intuition makes her a natural healer

"my chronic pain has drastically lessened"


Coco is a gifted and astute Healer, guide, and facilitator with an amazing capacity to hold space for pain, healing and breakthroughs of others. Coco carries powerful discernment and a clear capacity to interrupt disruptive patterns and support transformation. I highly recommend working with her and watching your life shift into new possibilities.

"Truly amazing."


Let me support you as you heal old pain, let go of limitations, and create a life you're in love with

The 48 hour private immersion will prepare you energetically, mentally and emotionally for the transformational work ahead. You’ll clear mental roadblocks, release negative patterns, and get the closure you need get unstuck and leave with the clarity and passion for the weeks ahead.

personal retreat

The Purification

progrAM breakdown

After having identified and healed many resistance patterns in the Immersion, the first four coaching sessions will be dedicated to uncovering your most powerful, loving, creative, and compassionate self. As you apply the techniques and begin to strengthen the loving qualities within, you'll see how you're truly on the path to personal empowerment and least resistance. 

month 1

The Awakening

Here, I guide you on how to choose new perspectives, and share my 4-step method for reclaiming your life. Through proven methods, you will strengthen your connection to yourself, feel more fulfilled, improve your relationships with loved ones, boost your communication skills and confidence. Get excited -This is a massive step in creating a life you love.

month 2

The Reclamation 

In the final 4 sessions, you will be empowering yourself to be the very best version of you - free of fear, old patters, and uncertainty and actively building your dream life. With my guidance, you will feel lighter, happier, more connected, honest, in charge and alive than you ever have before. 

month 3

the Ascension

2 day personal retreat, 12 video sessions. Plus, downloadable and printable pdf’s, worksheets, and resources

are you ready to transform your pain into power?

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Unlock Your life

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Ready to transform your pain into power?

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Unlock Your life

Want to achieve real results NOW? Fill in the form below and i will reach out to learn more and schedule your initial session.


I will be reaching out within 48 business hours. 


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The Unlock Your Life Experience started because my own life depended on it.  

Sitting on the floor of an empty apartment in my young twenties, I realized I checked every statistic
    raised on government assistance
    the daughter of a criminal
    newly divorced
    in debt
    and alone...

I had one choice - Do or Die.

With my clothes in black trash bags, make-shift-t-shirt pillows

I wanted to be happy

and not feel like everything in life was a struggle

and no mattress to support me, I committed to never being this desperate again. That morning was the beginning of my journey towards success and happiness. 

3 months later, I was raped.

Though I thought being evicted was rock bottom, turns out it was a penthouse view compared to the depths of depression, pain, and loss I crawled through for the next 4.5 years. 

Battling with night terrors, no energy and massive trust issues... I had tried every possible solution, and when nothing worked, the fires of desperation kicked back in.

Turning my life upside down, I searched for the  transformation now taught in this program.

I, and hundreds of others, use these tools to reset our lives and make our dreams, our reality.

The Unlock Your Life Experience gives you the foundational tools for life-time results, no matter what you've gone through.

Release old pain and reclaim your life so you can experience the true power and extra ordinary bliss you know you were always meant to have.

The world needs your unique gifts, and I am here to help you get them!

post process recordings

chef prepared meals

masterful guidance

what to expect

beautiful lodging

12 coaching calls

More than 57 hours of personalized attention, loving instruction and healing guidance.

Three delicious, healthful, abundant meals each day.

All workshop materials, including post-course guides and recordings.

All-inclusive lodging in beautiful southern california.

2x monthly transformational, post retreat calls ensuring maximum results.

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We start with a beautiful 48 hour personal retreat - this gets you in the right headspace for a life-changing and empowering coaching experience ahead!

You'll become the master of you own life and never feel lost, confused, disempowered or alone again.

Develop skills to build a life you love through a series of techniques taught to you in the 12 coaching calls.

Be the happiest you've ever been by learning the most powerful models for personal transformation.

I’ll carefully guide you through the method so you can heal the wounds beneath your pain. After we do it together, you’ll be able to apply this technique to every area of your life.

Reduce your stress with guided exercises, videos, and audios so you can follow along easily.

Learn my blueprint for personal transformation so you can get to the next level in the six key areas of your life: Emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, and purposefully and successfully.

Strengthen your relationship to your highest and best self through daily practices and life-hacking techniques built for success. 

You’ll have lifetime access to all the worksheets, quizzes, program material, exclusive videos, and formulas. Plus receive all the latest and greatest content so you stay up to date on your adventure of a lifetime.

The retreat and coaching structure, along with the video and audio guidance, makes it incredibly easy to commit to and balance all that life throws your way.

You'll love what the course offers

2 day personal retreat, chef prepared meals, beautiful lodging, masterful guidance, bodywork, breathwork, coaching, interactive sessions, guided meditation, and my proven formula for releasing pain and embodying power. Plus, downloadable and printable pdf’s, worksheets, and resources.

personal retreat

Leaving Yourself Behind: Removing Obstacles, Fearless Objectives, And creating true freedom

what you get

Four 1.5 hour, bi-weekly coaching calls, weekly checks in, unlimited access to transformational resources and guides, audios, videos and downloadable worksheets for results. 

month 1

The Inner Game: Taking Control Of Your life, Thinking Big, And Mastering Your emotions

Four 1.5 hour, bi-weekly coaching calls, weekly checks in, unlimited access to transformational resources and guides, audios, videos and downloadable worksheets for results. 

month 2

The outer Game: Extending your mastery, love, power and joy to those around you

Four 1.5 hour, bi-weekly coaching calls, weekly checks in, unlimited access to transformational resources and guides, audios, videos and downloadable worksheets for results. 

module 3

Executing Your dream: Creating, Living, And Launching Fearlessly into a life you love

value - $4,300






total value


value - $1,200

value - $1,200

value - $1,200

I could easily charge thousands of dollars and the results would be beyond your expectations…the value truly is unlike any other. 

But because I sincerely care and want as many people to be able to create the lives they want, I am offering this invaluable experience for thousands of dollars less than market price. Plus, after you complete the process and look back at this point in your life - You'll see the indescribable value and also say that doing the Unlock Your Life program was a total no-brainer.

And the price doesn't include the time you’d have to spend, energy, pain you have to spend figuring all of this out on your own. You may be like many of us, who have spent countless hours trying to figure out the missing piece and not gotten to the root of it... this will eliminate that struggle from your life.

Removing the headache and frustration alone is worth it right there! 

How long have you been searching? Months — maybe even years… I know I did.  At what point, you will give up the frustrating search and allow yourself to not miss the moment but to harness it?

Don't miss your opportunity - you are sitting here for a reason, one too great to pass up.
Say yes - to yourself, to your happiness, to your greatest life!


and because I believe in you and the process I'm not going to charge you

instead get limited access to

Unlock your life

for 20% off

now just...


act now - only 5 slots left

A 12 month payment plan of $608 is also available

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I want you to feel 100% safe and secure that if you complete the program and do the exercises with me, you’re going to be able to use what you learn to create a life that you love.

And I know you will... which is why I have a 100% guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind...

Here's my promise to you: Fully participate in the Unlock Your Life Experience - commit to the retreat, complete the 12 coaching sessions, and implement the tools learned. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 

30 day 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE 

days, just show me your homework and exercises, so I know you truly committed to the program, and I will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back. Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire program at my risk? Because I believe in it just as much now as when my life literally depended on it. 

So commit - to you, for you. And if you fully participate in the Unlock Your Life and you don’t get the results you want, then it is only right to give you your money back. 

I can’t think of a better offer than that.

experience the healing you thought may not be possible

1. heightened sense of self
3. IMPROVED relationships
4. less need for control
5. clear conflict resolution skills
6. REDUCED depression
7. LESS numbness
9. Heightened orgasms



here's what to do next

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Unlock Your life

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